Hamish History

Born in New Zealand, his shaping career began in Australia under the "Hot Stuff" label in Queensland in the 70's. He traveled extensively to Hawaii and California and back to Australia shaping boards for Lightning Bolt, Local Motion in Hawaii and launched Hot Stuff in California in the early 80's. Also, freelanced the Huntington underground!

Moved to Santa Barbara in '85-'86 where he built "Byrning Spears Surfboards" for years. Later, he moved to Encinitas where he became the Rip Curl surfboard licensee for U.S.A., building boards for U.S.A. and Hawaii..

Currently residing in San Clemente and building boards for the world! As a designer and a shaper of the highest quality, and having worked with some of the most famous names in the field worldwide, his standards of accuracy and production are unsurpassed. His ability to originate any style of surfboard, whether it's modern performance, short board, gun or longboard, he's considered to be ranked in the top few percent of surfboard designers worldwide!

Hamish has shaped boards for many of the world's top surfing professionals including: Rabbit, Elko, Darrick Doerner, Tom Curren, Joe Curren, Todd Chesser, Brock Little, Mikala Jones, Omar Etcheverry, Sunny Garcia, Sasha Stocker, Robby Sherwell, Jason Bogle, Pete Miller, Macy Mullens, Nick Carrol, Tom Rezman, Bane Wetzell, Team Rip Curl and Team HIC.


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